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Department of Labor resources

Here are some useful employment resources from the US Dept. of Labor: – exploring careers and other employment assistance Job Tool Challenge – community-submitted tools for job seekers was not submitted in time to be included in the challenge, though it may still eventually be listed. Here’s some info about the challenge, from […]

Genome job opportunities

We are on the verge of a revolution in our understanding of human biology, being driven by the push for the $1000 genome. As the ability to sequence complete human DNA grows ever cheaper, genetic information will be increasingly relied upon by doctors and other healthcare professionals. Yet we remain woefully lacking in our ability […]

Worst Jobs 2010

CareerCast has published a ranking of the supposedly worst jobs of 2010. Bear in mind, however, that what one person considers bad, another may cherish. So use this a guide, but make your own decision. In this economy, one can’t be too choosy. As they say, “Nice work if you can get it,” and even […]

Landing a job of the future (WSJ article)

The Wall Street Journal had an article last week with some advice for those looking for some promising areas to get into. It incorporates some of the findings from the BLS’s occupational outlook for 2008-2018, and advice from staffing firms in various industries. Here’s a summary: Technology: computer and information technology social media public relations […]

Careers for the Next Decade

PBS’s Nightly Business Report tonight replayed a program on Careers for the Next Decade (originally shown on 26 Nov 09). Here are their top four career picks: Asian business development advocate Patient advocate/care manager Immigration specialist Emergency planning manager Included analysis from career coach Marty Nemko.

Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy

Here’s an article from the Center for American Progress on the benefits of investing in clean energy claiming that “investing $150 billion in clean energy would create an estimated 1.7 million new jobs.” It includes an interactive map of State-by-State Look at Clean Energy and Job Creation.

SF Financing For Green Building Renovations

To help fuel green job creation in San Francisco, a new Sustainable Financing program there will “offer residential and commercial building owners access to affordable, city-sponsored financing for energy efficiency, solar and renewable energy projects, and water conservation improvements.”

WPA for the 21st Century

There’s been some talk about re-instituting the WPA as a way to get people back into the workforce quickly as done during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The idea has some merit, though the types of jobs we would give people need to be geared for the issues of the 21st century.