Responses sent to White House

OK, I’ve officially submitted responses to the questions on the White House’s community jobs forum website. My response was fairly minimal, answering only the questions about “jobs of the future” and “other issues and ideas,” with plenty of links to postings here at

Here’s the auto-response they provided after submitting:

Thank you for sharing the results of your community job forum. We will be reviewing submissions and compiling your feedback into a report that will be sent to the Oval Office for review, and will be responding to what we hear on afterwards.

After the 7 Jan deadline for officially submitting feedback to the WH has past, the plan is to keep going as long as it seems relevant. So feel free to keep brainstorming and contribute your ideas and suggestions.

You can contribute by commenting on the posts here, or register with this site and request a promotion to be a contributor/author, along with a bio about yourself, so I know you’re trustworthy ;-).

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