House approves $174 billion job bill

As the LA Times reports, “The $174-billion jobs package passed the House 217 to 212, with no Republican support. It includes $75 billion for highway and transit projects, school renovation and keeping teachers and firefighters on the job, and $78 billion to further extend unemployment insurance and healthcare subsidies. The Senate won’t consider the jobs measure until next year.”

The WSJ reported that it was only $154 billion and explained that Republicans shied away from it because with midterm elections approaching in 2010, they “seek to tap into voter unease about the rising federal deficit,” and this bill would definitely add to that.

WSJ also noted that the bill “doesn’t include several proposals by the Obama administration, including a hiring tax credit and rebates for homeowners to weatherize their houses.”

I like the weatherization proposal. It’s in the same vein as the green building renovations that SF is doing.

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